Steam Next Fest Is A Week Of Playable Demos For Upcoming Games

Steam Next Fest

Now that E3 is officially over, it’s time for the start of Steam Next Fest. What is Steam Next Fest? An understandable question given that this is Valve’s first time holding the event.

Simply put, it’s a week-long celebration of upcoming game titles. And to celebrate Valve is letting users play hundreds (yes hundreds) of demos for games that have yet to launch. This includes some of the big titles that were shown off in more detail during E3. Like Naraka: Bladepoint, Sable and more.

There’s loads of smaller indie games too. So this is the perfect time for those indies to shine and gain some more recognition. In addition, it’s a great way to discover new games you may like, that you may have never paid attention to otherwise.


The start of Steam Next Fest lands with a bang

There’s a lot going on for Steam Next Fest day one. And since it lasts all week you have a lot of time to dive into everything that’s available.

While a lot of the festival will center around installable demos, it will also include other ways of engaging with content. In addition to game demos, there will be livestreams from content creators and other users. If you don’t feel like actually playing any demos but you still want to check out what the games are like, these livestreams are a nice way to get some insight.

There will be interviews with developers of some of the games as well. Though not all broadcasts will necessarily be available throughout the entire week. The good news is that Steam has a schedule up that lists upcoming broadcasts so you can plan out your viewing times. And there’s a rotating lists of featured live broadcasts.


The event lasts until June 22

While Steam Next Fest started today, it will continue until June 22. Steam doesn’t list a time but presumably it’ll end around sometime in the early morning hours of that day. But, for now you’ve got plenty of time to check out all the demos you can stomach until the end.

Steam has everything categorized out into genres to make finding demos that you want to play a whole lot easier. So if you’re only looking for RPG demos, you can click on the RPG button up at the top of the Steam Next Fest home page and get only RPG titles.

You’ll find other genres available including sports and racing, VR, action, adventure, strategy, simulation, puzzle, platformer, and horror.