Spotify Greenroom, Another Clubhouse Competitor Launches Today

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Well, it seems like we are seeing the launch of a Clubhouse competitor now and then. The latest to join this bandwagon is Spotify (via The Verge). The company has formally launched Spotify Greenroom on iOS and Android.

And as you might have already guessed, it’s Spotify’s take on Clubhouse. It is the company’s first attempt at making a social media platform.

Spotify Greenroom is a social audio app similar to Clubhouse that allows users to create a live room where they can host audio events based on any category, topic, etc. of their liking.


The Greenroom app is built on Locker Room’s existing code created by Betty Labs, which Spotify acquired back in March. Locker Room focused solely on sports content, while Greenroom lets you have conversations about anything you like.

Optionally, the user can also convert their conversations into podcasts. Spotify users across the world can join or host live audio rooms. The company has also announced a Creator Fund to boost the popularity of the app with more content in the future.

Those who were using Locker Room app will see their app get updated to Greenroom. They will experience the new user interface, design changes, and features starting today.


Greenroom adopts the same color, palette, font, and iconography as the Spotify Music app

While Locker Room came with a white-and-reddish orange color scheme, the Spotify Greenroom app looks similar to the Spotify Music app.

It has the same color, palette, font, and iconography as the Spotify Music app. To use Greenroom, users need to log in using their current Spotify account credentials.

Once logged in, users will be taken through the onboarding experience of how you use and connect with users with similar interests.


Users can find audio programs to listen to, based on the groups they join inside the app. This process is also similar to what users had with Locker Room.

Spotify Greenroom allows users to save their shows and distribute them as podcasts. You can choose from a wide range of topics to create your audio room.

Moreover, people on Spotify Greenroom will be paid based on how popular their rooms are and their engagement rate. More exciting deals are expected to arrive over the summer.


The speaker icon shows on top of the screen as a rounded profile icon. Listeners will appear in smaller icons. Further, there are mute options, controls for moderation, the option to bring listeners to the stage during a live session, and more.

Rooms can host up to 1,000 people, and Spotify is expected to increase this number up in the future. If a listener wants to applaud a speaker, they can give them “gems” within the app, a feature that is taken from Locker Room.

The number of gems a speaker accumulates appears on the side of their profile image. Although there is no monetary value of gems as of now, soon it might also happen.


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