Sony Is Targeting Holiday 2022 For The PSVR 2 Release

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Sony is apparently looking to release the PSVR 2 sometime in the holiday season for 2022. This is according to a new report from Bloomberg, which states that Sony is planning to use OLED panels from Samsung display in its upcoming VR headset.

While the report doesn’t mention much else in terms of the details, a release window is one important factor about the product that consumers would want to know. Even if that release window is a long way off still, it gives interested consumers an idea of when to expect the headset to show up on store shelves.

The timeline makes sense. As the next version of Sony’s PSVR headset needs a PS5 to work. And considering it’s still fairly hard to get one, a later release of the PSVR 2 gives Sony time to reach more customers. By next year’s holiday season, more people will own a PS5. Which is more potential customers for the headset.


A holiday 2022 PSVR 2 release is practical

The timing of the release for Sony’s next headset is certainly practical. If the report is accurate, Sony is giving itself time not only to reach more customers who have a compatible console, but more time to complete development.

The upcoming PSVR headset is probably nowhere near ready. Sony did already confirm that it wasn’t launching in 2021 after all. Sony also still has a lot of information to reveal about the new hardware. So far, Sony has only showed off the new controllers. Which resemble more of what you get with devices like the Oculus Quest 2.

They also incorporate some of the more advanced features that you find in the new DualSense controller for the PS5. Like the advanced haptics and the adaptive triggers. What Sony hasn’t showed off yet is the headset design.


And with a 2022 holiday release there’s plenty of time for Sony to refine the look as much as possible before unveiling it.

The report doesn’t mention anything about price. Nor does it mention any exact dates. But the holiday season starts well before people start unwrapping gifts. So a release is likely to happen sometime in November. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see Sony release the headset around the same time it released the PS5 in 2020.