Sony Now Embraces PlayStation Crossplay & Wants To Increase It

Call of Duty Warzone

Sony is notorious for pushing back on crossplay for its PlayStation platform, but it seems that Sony has finally changed its mind. Crossplay, or cross-platform play, has become a much bigger thing of late thanks to games like Call Of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and others. Pioneering a frontier that PlayStation fans have been blocked from for so long.

Soon, Destiny 2 players on PS4 and PS5 will get to experience what it’s like to link up with guardians on Xbox or PC. Blizzard’s Overwatch also recently gained crossplay support. It’s a wonderful feature that for far too long, wasn’t available if PlayStation was your main platform. According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, Sony wants more crossplay games. And it’s dedicated to supporting the functionality going forward.

Sony now stands behind crossplay on PlayStation

In a recent interview with Axios, Ryan gave his thoughts on crossplay. Stating that numerous big games already have the functionality operational. In response to the games he listed off, Ryan says that “that number will continue to grow.” Referencing that more games are coming that will support crossplay for the platform.


He doesn’t name any future titles. But there is some speculation that Battlefield 2042 will be one of them. The important detail for players is that more crossplay is coming. Which is something that all platforms need more of.

Relaxing its policies

While Sony isn’t exactly elaborating on why it’s had the change of heart, it doesn’t take much to realize that Sony now likely understands how popular the feature is. And that it can actually benefit from it a lot by allowing more of it.

Sony’s policy has always been fairly strict. Though one thing it has kept consistent is that all publishers face the policy with equal footing. Meaning that no games get special treatment when Sony considers which games to add support for.


Sony appears to be relaxing those policies a bit by publicly noting that it wants more crossplay for its platform. This will certainly help Sony in the long run. But the real winners here, are the players. Because now, less people will be forced to play on a platform they don’t prefer, or deal with not being able to play with friends at all because they don’t own the platform their friends use.