Sling Comes To Your Google TV Live Tab Starting This Week

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 1

Popular streaming television service Sling TV will be rolling out to Google TV devices on the home screen. And that’s set to start from this week, based on recent reports.

That means that, for the first time ever, users of Google’s TV streaming won’t need to rely on YouTube TV. At the very least, not if they want to launch live television from the home screen. Prior to this update, that was the only streaming TV service available on the home screen.

Where can you find Sling TV on Google TV?

Now, finding the new addition to the home screen on Google TV devices is easy. Google is adding the service under the “Live” tab on associated devices starting today. And that roll-out will continue, for those who aren’t seeing it appear just yet. Or at least that’s the case for Google’s latest Chromecast, running Google TV. The search giant hasn’t said whether the update would come to smart TVs running the software.


Before users can get started, however, they will need to link their Sling TV account. That can be accomplished by logging in and linking the service via the Google Home app. Namely, via the “plus”-shaped add button at the top-left-hand side of the UI, then the “Add account” option. Then by tapping on the “Live TV” option under “Manage services.”

Afterward, the Live tab will showcase Sling TV. Including the Sling TV guide for easier navigation to the shows or movies that users want to watch.

This follows other major incoming updates

Sling TV isn’t the only thing coming to the Google TV platform either. Starting June 23, Google is officially adding in Stadia support too, bringing mainstream triple-A gaming to the devices for the first time officially.


Recent APK teardowns have also indicated that the search giant is working to finally add multiple account support. So users should soon be able to log in with more than one account and switch between those. And should be able to tailor their home screens even more thoroughly to individual users as a result. Although there’s still no word on exactly when that might be added.