New Slack Scheduled Message Feature Hits The Platform

20210616 155702

People who operate group chats and meetings know the struggle of wanting to message a group at the wrong time. Thanks to a new post on the Slack help center, we now know that this is a thing of the past for Slack users. The platform just unveiled its new scheduled message feature.

This new Slack scheduled message feature is rolling out gradually

It looks like Slack is acknowledging the fact that it’s not always the right time to message a group or teammate. This is where this new scheduled message feature comes in handy. It’s a pretty straightforward concept to grasp. You type up a message and then pick a later time that you want it pushed through.

On the help page, Slack did mention that this is a gradual roll-out. If history is any indication, iPhone users are likely to get the feature first, then Android users later. This wasn’t officially stated, however. The feature will be pushed to both mobile and desktop versions of Slack.


Since there’s no indication as to when the roll-out will be finished, it’s good to check the app often. If you really want this feature, check the update status of your app. You may already be in line to get the Slack scheduled message feature.

How to send the scheduled message

If you have the feature already and you want to know how to use it, don’t despair. The process is pretty easy, but it differs from desktop and mobile versions of Slack.

On the mobile version, you’re going to want to go to your Home tab. Start composing a message as you would normally. You can also go to the group that you want to send the message to and compose from there. Tap on the send icon, at which point you will be prompted to select the time that you want it to be posted. Confirm the time that you want it sent and that’s it.


Scheduling a message on the desktop version is a little bit different, but not too far off. You’re going to start off by composing a message from the home screen or in the group that you want to send to. Instead of clicking the send button, you’re going to click a caret to the right of it. From there, you choose the time that you want the message to be sent.

Slack is already ahead of the curve in its market, competing against services like Asana and Telegram. The update is on its way, so be sure to check your app often to see if you have it.