Settlement Payout For The Nexus 6P Debacle Still Isn't Over

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Owners of Google’s and Huawei’s Nexus 6P, who participated in a long-running class-action lawsuit, are now seeing a little extra by way of settlement payout. While the companies originally paid out as much as $400 to respondents via settlement claims, the pair appears to have not finished paying all of the money owed.

Participants in the Nexus 6P lawsuit are reportedly receiving an additional settlement payout. With reports indicating that as much as $11.33 is being paid out. As with the previously allotted sum, that’s showing up as a payment directly to banks and Paypal accounts.

Why are Google and Huawei paying a settlement for the Nexus 6P, to begin with?

Now, the settlement leading to the latest payout is, at this point, old news. It stems from the release of the Nexus 6P in 2015, with the Nexus brand now effectively replaced by Google’s Pixel.


The phone, summarily, failed on several fronts, resulting in battery issues and boot loop problems that were ultimately the companies’ fault. And that’s exactly who should start seeing the extra settlement payout for the Nexus 6P now. Since they’ll be arriving for those users who had both issues and who participated in the class-action lawsuit.

The resulting class-action lawsuit cost the companies roughly $9.75 million.

Why are these payments still coming?

In the interim, these payments were actually ordered to be paid in full no later than February 21, 2020. That puts the most recent rollout of funds well past the originally-ordered due date. But that shouldn’t present a problem for either Huawei or Google. The amount that was owed by that date was around $400 per customer.


So the latest rollout is presumably the result of a final re-tally of the amount owed out, split between participating recipients. That puts the final amount delivered at right around $411.33. Or approximately 88-percent of the cost for the 32GB variant of the Nexus 6P at its launch.