Samsung May Halt Galaxy S21 FE Production… For A Good Reason

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE render leak 3

It turns out Samsung may halt Galaxy S21 FE production, but it has a good reason for it. According to a report from Bloomberg, Samsung is still undecided whether to comes to suspending the production of its upcoming handset.

Samsung may yet halt Galaxy S21 FE production

This report comes as a response to another report, which claimed that Samsung decided to halt the Galaxy S21 FE production due to chip shortage. Bloomberg reports that Samsung itself said that “nothing has been determined regarding the alleged production suspension”.

It was initially reported that the production was halted due to a shortage of Qualcomm’s application processors. The Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be in high demand, so if true, this is not surprising.


This does put Samsung in a rather uncomfortable position. The Galaxy S21 FE was supposed to be a replacement for the Galaxy Note device this year. As most of you know, Samsung won’t be releasing one in 2021.

The Galaxy S20 FE was in high demand last year, and its successor is expected to be even more popular. It is expected to be even more affordable, which is a part of the reason why such popularity is expected. The other reason is the absence of the Galaxy Note-branded phone, of course.

Samsung is undecided at this point, it seems

Now, it seems like Samsung is considering its options. In the meantime, a well-known tipster, Max Jambor, says he didn’t hear anything about the production halt. He says that mass production didn’t even start yet.


Max Jambor says that the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to arrive in late August / early September, and that hasn’t changed just yet. He didn’t say that the reports are inaccurate, but he did say those reports are “weird”.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S21 FE was also rumored to arrive alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, Watch 4, and Watch Active 4 at one point. Based on this new information, that probably won’t happen… but we’ll see.