Samsung Has Developed Stretchable Displays

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Samsung is truly the king of displays. A research team at Samsung has made a breakthrough in display technology by developing a Samsung stretchable display. This news comes to us from a Samsung blog post.

The displays can stretch up to 30%

A team of researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (ASIT) has developed an OLED panel that can stretch up to 30% without any deterioration. It’s made from a material that can be applied as a thin film on the skin. Since it can stretch, it can form to the shape of your movements.

One of the major challenges that the team had to face was making a working display that could change its form without breaking or cracking. We’re used to traditional displays that will break when too much stress is added to them. Even foldable displays have their limits.


The team was able to achieve a stretchable display by modifying a material called an “elastomer.” It’s a material that has high elasticity and resilience. They were able to apply this to existing semiconductor manufacturing processes. This means that the main electronic components needed to power the LEDs can live on the elastic material and stretch along with it. The team said that the material was able to be stretched over 1,000 times before any issues.

What is this Samsung stretchable display used for?

The team was able to integrate this technology into a heart-rate monitor. The monitor is able to adhere to the skin and match its form. The OLED display can rest on the inner wrist and display the heart-rate results in real-time. One benefit of this is that the user can keep the display on their wrist, even when sleeping or working out. It will just feel like a part of their skin.

The team was happy to report that with the stretchable display, they were able to get heart-rate readings that were about 2.4 times more accurate than standard monitors. This will undoubtedly be beneficial to folks who need to constantly monitor their hearts.


The Samsung stretchable display is still in its very early stage

Don’t expect a stretchable display on your Galaxy device any time soon. This technology is still in its early stages. There’s no saying whether Samsung plans to implement this technology into any recreational devices. Right now, it looks like the team is planning on commercializing this for the sake of health.

The team says that in the future when the technology is more mature, it could be used for measuring blood pressure, peripheral oxygen saturation, and electromyogram.

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