Galaxy S22 May Come Without Under-Display Camera After All

Under display camera smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S22 may not include an under-display camera after all. This information comes from South Korea, as Samsung allegedly decided not to include such tech inside the Galaxy S22.

The Galaxy S22 will allegedly come without an under-display camera

The reason behind this decision is the image quality. Samsung wasn’t satisfied with the image quality that the camera was able to produce. On top of that, the production yield is too low, and the company would be required to include such a camera inside millions and millions of devices.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3, on the other hand, will include an under-display camera. The thing is, that camera won’t be completely hidden, it seems. Ice Universe revealed some information about that earlier today.


We’ll see how will it look once the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launches, but if it ends up being visible in most situations, that won’t exactly be in the same category as the under-display camera included in the ZTE Axon 20.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will include an under-display camera, but with one caveat

The under-display camera inside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to offer much higher light transmittance, and generally good image quality. Samsung may reach for new under-display camera tech with the Galaxy Note next year, though.

Samsung is expected to bring back the Galaxy Note series in 2022, though nothing is certain just yet. If that ends up happening, that device will likely include an under-display camera, the same goes for the Galaxy S23.


Unfortunately for those of you who wanted to see an under-display camera inside the Galaxy S22, well, it seems like that won’t happen. Samsung will likely go for a display camera hole yet again.

Chances are not that many people will complain about that, though. Those display holes are not that big of an issue, plus you do get better image quality than an under-display camera would be able to provide at this point. The Galaxy S22 is expected to arrive in Q1 2022.