Razer's Project Hazel Mask Drops In Limited Amounts Starting In Q4

Razer Project Hazel 2

Back during CES, Razer announced Project Hazel, a conceptual idea for a sustainable mask with some very Razer-like features, and now the mask has an official release window.

Today during Razer’s E3 2021 keynote, it ended the show by reiterating that it will be transitioning the Project Hazel mask from a concept product to an actual product it plans to release and sell. Though before you start preparing to rush out and buy one, be aware that there’s still a little bit of a wait.

Razer didn’t announce pricing for the mask at its event. But it did talk more about the hardware and what will be offered on it. On stage, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan shared a progress update about the mask, while drawing attention to some highlighted features. Some appear to be making the cut, while Razer will cut out others.


When it came to deciding what to keep, Razer wanted to ensure that any features that were staying played well to the masks social aspect. As far as the launch goes, it’s coming this year.

Razer will release the Project Hazel mask in Q4

Razer plans to launch Project Hazel later this year, sometime in Q4. So you’ve still got a little while to wait before you can purchase one. Until then if you still want to rep Razer with your masks, you’ll have to stick to Razer’s single-use or reusable cloth options.

Also important is that Razer will be, at least to start, releasing Project Hazel in limited drop sales. Razer says this is because it’s anticipating that demand will be much higher than supply in the beginning. So it’s recommending that any interested buyers sign up to be notified when the mask drops are going to happen.


Again there’s no word on price, but don’t expect it to be insanely expensive. There’s also no mention of how long Razer will keep to the drop-style sale.

The mask now has an anti-fog coating

The reason Razer is making this mask is because it saw the demand from its consumers for a sustainable mask option that was also smart and stylish.

Users will be happy to know that Razer is adding things like the RGB lighting on the inside. Though this time it serves more of a functional purpose than on Razer’s other products. According to Min-Liang Tan it’ll help illuminate the mouth of the user in low-light situations.


When paired with the transparent shield on the front, people can still tell when someone is talking even if it’s dark. Razer also updated the filters, as the mask is now using N95-grade replaceable filters inside, and it now has a secure silicone face seal. Razer also says that it’ll be gaining a lab-tested BFE rating.

If you’re interested in learning more about Project Hazel and/or signing up to be notified about the drops, you can do some from this link.