Razer Announces More Affordable Version Of Its Iskur Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur X

Not all gaming chairs have to be super expensive, which is more or less the case with the Razer Iskur X. Razer’s latest gaming chair addition to its collection of lifestyle products.

The Iskur X is the second gaming chair that Razer has launched to date. Beginning first with the Iskur last year. With the Iskur, you’re paying a higher premium for more features. Like innovative lumbar support that’s built right into the back of the chair. Something which isn’t very common with gaming chairs.

Many gaming chairs do come with lumbar support, but it’s usually just a pillow that you can tie around the seat. That leads us to the new Iskur X. Which foregoes some of the more premium features of the Iskur in exchange for a lower price tag. Is that a good thing? That depends on you and what you want out of a chair.


The Razer Iskur X retails for a lower price of $399, but loses important features

The Iskur X does come in at a lower price, but you lose some of the best features that the Iskur has. Mainly the lumbar support. If you’re sitting down for longer periods of time, without lumbar support, you’re not doing your back any favors.

With the Iskur X, you’re losing the built-in lumbar support offered by the Iskur. You can buy a lumbar support pillow for an additional $50, but at that point you’re only $50 off from the regular retail price of the high-end model. The Iskur’s lumbar support is also adjustable while the pillow for the Iskur X is not. Worth noting though is that the pillow for the Iskur X does conform to the majority of the back just like the built-in support of the Iskur.

This is a pretty big step above most lumbar support pillows for other gaming chairs. Which are usually smaller and less supportive over all.


Razer still uses premium materials for this model

There are a few more differences between Razer’s new chair and its first one. Namely the 2D arm rests as opposed to the 4D arm rests. That said, Razer is still using plush, high-density foam for what it says will offer long-lasting comfort for even the most lengthy of gaming sessions.

The Iskur X also features a multi-function recline option, and the style is overall the same as the regular Iskur. So design-wise you’re not giving up anything. As it still features the same sleek styling that Razer tends to apply to all of its products.

The Razer Iskur X is currently only available from Razer’s own website. The Iskur however is available through Razer and through Amazon.


Iskur X