You Need To Pre-Register For This Awesome Action Game

Punishing Gray Raven 4

If you like action games on mobile, then you can now pre-register for Punishing: Gray Raven. This is an action game being released for Android and iOS devices in the near future.

Earlier this year, the game’s developers, Kuro Game, held a test for players to check things out in a pre-release state. If you didn’t get a chance to play the game during the test, not to worry. As the release should be landing sometime this Summer.

The gameplay for Punishing: Gray Raven feels a lot like Honkai Impact 3rd, but more polished and with better graphics and combat animations. Both games are very good though. So if you have had the chance to play Honkai Impact 3rd and like it, then you’ll love Kuro Game’s upcoming title.


It’s also similar to Genshin Impact, just with a very different theme.

Pre-register for Punishing: Gray Raven and get some sweet rewards

If you play any amount of mobile games and have pre-registered for one before, then you know the drill. You can pre-register for Punishing: Gray Raven and get some cool stuff. There are also different tiers of rewards.

Starting with the reward that everyone gets, as long as you pre-register you’ll receive a high-tier character variant. There are going to be five to choose from as part of this reward. So you can choose one of those five and add them to your main character roster.


In addition to the free character, Kuro Game is also implementing a tier reward system called the “Reclaim The Earth” campaign.

The Reclaim The Earth campaign will offer character skins and more

As a single player, there’s not a whole lot you can do about achieving these tier rewards. But, the one thing you can do is simply pre-register and try to spread the word. For every tier goal reached, the rewards for this campaign get better and better.

With the maximum reward tier offering players a character skin, 200 Black Cards, 20,000 Cogs, some EXP items, and various other items that are likely in-game currency.


To get to the maximum tier, there needs to be 500,000 pre-registrations. So spreading the word is the name of the game here. You can pre-register by clicking this link, and you can watch the latest game trailer below.