OnePlusTag May Launch To Rival Apple AirTag & Samsung SmartTag

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OnePlus may launch its own smart tag solution called ‘OnePlusTag’. The ‘OnePlusTag’ listing has been spotted online, hinting at its imminent launch. No description was provided, but based on its name, it’s easy to figure out what this device is.

The OnePlusTag smart tag got trademarked, may launch in the near future

The OnePlusTag name got trademarked by OnePlus. Well, it technically got trademarked by the Beijing Intangible Technology Co., Ltd., which essentially means this is OnePlus’ doing.

OnePlus has filed for this trademark on May 18, 2021, as you can see in the provided screenshot. The registration number is listed as 56159145. This definitely suggests that OnePlus could launch its own smart tag soon.


OnePlusTag trademark

If we had to guess, we’d say that the OnePlusTag will make its debut alongside the OnePlus 9T later this year. That handset will launch in either October or November, and chances are that the OnePlusTag will be ready by then.

Some of you may expect OnePlus’ smart tag solution to arrive alongside the OnePlus Nord CE 5G on June 10, but that likely won’t happen. That event will be about that smartphone, as it will likely arrive as a sole product during that launch.


Its design is still a mystery

We still don’t know what will the OnePlusTag look like: Chances are that some images may surface in the near future, though. You can expect a small piece of hardware, in either rectangular or circular shape.

Chances are it will function similarly to the Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag. These smart tags have managed to become quite popular for some reason. They’ve been around for a while, but companies are looking for ways to improve them.

UWB (Ultra-Wideband) support is one way that smart tags can be improved. We’ll see if OnePlus’ smart tag will offer such functionality. It’s possible that OnePlus will announce two different variants, one with UWB support, and one without, like Samsung did.