OnePlus May Be Working On A Crypto Wallet

AH OnePlus 8T logo 21

OnePlus is reportedly working on launching its crypto wallet, and it is asking its users to send their feedback regarding blockchain technology. They are surveying to know their users’ opinions about cryptocurrencies.

Users are asked to submit their age, location, and gender information. Also, they should cite their history of investing in the cryptocurrency market. At the other parts of the survey, users need to say how long they have been investing in cryptocurrency and how often they buy or sell cryptos.

Other questions that need to be answered include the period for checking the price of the cryptocurrencies, the amount of money invested in the purchase, the trading platforms, and the device used for trading. Moreover, users can share any problems or inconvenience in investing or holding cryptos with OnePlus.


Then, responders should say whether they have used any software hot wallets like Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, etc. The survey is not finished yet. On the next page, you should say the way you save the seed phrase of your wallet, rate the security of keeping your seed phrase online, and whether you have ever lost your seed phrase.

In the next part, responders should say whether they have ever used hardware crypto wallets, bought Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), or ever tried to create their own NFT. For the last question, users should say whether they have ever purchased second-hand phones.

OnePlus wants to enter the cryptocurrency market with its crypto wallet

Anyway, the long survey is finished, but it shows that OnePlus is serious about entering the cryptocurrency market. Of course, this market has many ups and downs, and it’s still an unstable market for mass investing.


OnePlus will likely be a service provider for traders, and it wants to create wallets or trading apps. If the company officially announces its presence in the cryptocurrency market, its phones will likely come with a trading app and crypto wallet installed by default.

OnePlus is not the first OEM that wants to enter the cryptocurrency market. Samsung has introduced its Blockchain Wallet over a year ago to make trading easier for Galaxy owners. Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet is currently available at most of the company’s flagships. OnePlus can also take the same path as Samsung.