OnePlus Watch Gets AI Outfit watchface Function, New Workout Modes With B.52 Firmware Update

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch has received AI Outfit watch face function via the recently rolled out B.52 firmware update. Aside from that, the wearable got new workout modes through the update.

The Chinese consumer electronics company announced its first smartwatch dubbed the OnePlus Watch in late March. The much-awaited wearable was announced alongside the equally anticipated OnePlus 9 series of smartphones.

OnePlus has released two firmware updates and unveiled two limited editions since then. About two months after announcing its first wearable device, the company is rolling out the firmware update for the OnePlus Watch.


OnePlus Watch gets new features

As part of the recently rolled out B.52 firmware update, the OnePlus Watch now boasts an impressive array of features. According to a report from GizmoChina, these newfangled features improve the overall user experience, especially from the fitness viewpoint.

The official changelog reveals that the B.52 firmware update adds multiple workout modes to the OnePlus Watch. The company states that the smartwatch now has over 110 workout modes, including the new addition.

More importantly, the update brings AI Outfit watch face function. This function, which is already available on the Oppo Watch, can generate a watch face based on the pictures of a user’s outfit.


Aside from that, a new Marathon running function has been added to the OnePlus Watch. To find a hidden function, all you need to do is the screen on some watch face, according to OnePlus Software Product Manager, Baihan H.

How to use OnePlus Watch AI Outfit watch face function?

After opening the OnePlus Health app, simply tap Watch faces and then click on AI Outfit. You will be directed to the camera app where you can capture a picture of your desired Outfit.

Follow the instructions shown on the screen after clicking the photo of the outfit. Finally, you need to choose your favorite style to create as your own watch face.


After following these steps, the wallpaper displayed on the OnePlus Watch will match the design of your outfit.

Things to remember before upgrading

The power of the OnePlus Watch should be more than 40 percent before upgrading. It is also important to keep your mobile phone and watch close.

The Bluetooth connection should be kept on during the upgrade process. Baihan H. confirmed that the company will continue working on software optimization, in addition to rolling out the above-mentioned OTA updates.


He also urged users to continue sharing their suggestions and bug reports. In the comments section, some users complained about GPS not connecting and Weather being inaccurate.