OnePlus Is Merging With OPPO, But OxygenOS Is Not Going Away

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OnePlus has confirmed that OxygenOS is not going away. As many of you know, OnePlus’ CEO announced that the company will “further integrate” with OPPO. He shared that information a couple of days ago.

Following the news, many users were worried that OxygenOS will cease to exist, and that ColorOS will take over. The OxygenOS 12 beta build did not inspire much hope either.

OxygenOS is not going away following OnePlus’ merger with OPPO

Well, you can rest easy, as OxygenOS is staying put. Pete Lau confirmed the information to MySmartPrice, as the site reached out for clarification. Pete Lau once again said that OnePlus will continue to operate as an independent brand, and will keep developing OxygenOS for its devices.


This is applicable for all markets other than China, of course. In China, OnePlus is using an OS called “HydrogenOS”. That is also OnePlus’ operating system, but it’s different than OxygenOS.

That is basically everything that was shared by the source. Pete Lau just wanted everyone to be clear that OnePlus, and its software, are not going anywhere. The two companies will work closely together, but that’s nothing new.

The two companies have been sharing resources for a long time

OPPO and OnePlus have been sharing resources for a long time now. After all, both companies are owned by the same company, BBK Electronics. The same goes for Vivo, actually, in case you didn’t know.


They’ve been inspiring each other for a long time now. This news only makes things official, in a way. Pete Lau said that this integration will allow OnePlus to get access to even more resources, though.

In his blog post, Pete Lau promised that such integration will help OnePlus provide faster updates, and also more stable ones at the same time. The company was already quite fast when it comes to updates, so this does sound quite promising.

Just to be clear, OnePlus as a brand is not going anywhere, nor will it cease to exist in any way.