OnePlus Is Merging With OPPO; Faster & More Stable Updates Promised

OnePlus OPPO merger

As some of you already know, OnePlus and OPPO are both owned by the same company, BBK Electronics. At the beginning of this year, the two companies decided to merge their R&D teams. At that point, some reports suggested that the two companies may continue merging. Well, it seems like those reports were spot on, as Pete Lau just announced that OnePlus is basically merging with OPPO.

OnePlus will “futher integrate” with OPPO

Now, this does not mean that one or the other will cease to exist, not at all. To be completely accurate, Pete Lau said that OnePlus will “further integrate “with OPPO. He released a statement on OnePlus forums.

Mr. Lau said that OnePlus will continue to “operate independently”. It is said that this is happening to “better streamline operations and capitalize on additional shared resources”.


It is not exactly a secret that the two companies have been sharing resources thus far, though that has been done secretly, in a way. Pete Lau’s announcement more or less says that such practice will continue happening, but more openly from this point on.

Update should come faster and be less buggy

Pete Lau says that this integration will benefit OnePlus, as it will “have more resources at hand to create even better products”. He claims that it will also make the company more efficient, which should reflect on software updates.

So, what is changing for users? Well, nothing, really. OnePlus will continue to operate as it did thus far, from the outside, at the very least. The company’s brand remains the same. The same goes for its website, forums, and all other official sources of information.


This change has to do with behind-the-scenes stuff, more than anything else. It is supposed to make the company more productive, more efficient. Chances are this will make their products even more similar than before, though.

Upcoming OxygenOS 12 will look a lot like ColorOS, at least based on the beta build that got released recently. Who knows, maybe the two Android skins end up merging down the line, we’ll see.