OnePlus One Is Still Being Actively Used By Over 300 People

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The OnePlus One was the company’s first smartphone, and it launched back in April 2014. That device became a rather important part of smartphone history, and Pete Lau just disclosed some interesting information. He revealed that the OnePlus One is still being actively used by over 300 people.

Over 300 people are still actively using the OnePlus One, the company’s first smartphone

Pete Lau, the company’s CEO, revealed this information vai Weibo. He revealed it while responding to a user who talked about its OnePlus 5 handset, claiming it’s still smooth after four years.

300 may not sound like a huge number, and it’s not, but OnePlus was a completely unknown brand back there. On top of that, you needed to have an invite to get the OnePlus One. It wasn’t an easy phone to come by, at least not at first.

OnePlus released quite a few smartphones since the OnePlus One. We’re on the company’s ninth-iteration flagships now, the OnePlus 9 series, seven years later. It’s interesting to see that people still use the OnePlus One, though.


OnePlus’ smartphones are well-known for aging well, at least that was the case thus far. OnePlus’ OxygenOS is the main reason why, as the company has been doing a really good job of adapting it to the given hardware.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is still being used by over 2 million people, actively

Now, this confirmation from Pete Lau comes only days after Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, talked about the Xiaomi Mi 6. The Xiaomi Mi 6 was announced in April 2017, and the company’s CEO says that it’s still being used by over 2 million people, actively.

These numbers cannot be compared to the OnePlus One, not even close. The thing is, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is a newer device, and Xiaomi was already a well-known and situated company when the device launched.

Xiaomi’s smartphones are also well-known for their smooth performance even after a number of years have passed. MIUI does age well in that regard.