OnePlus 9T Coming In The Fall Without The 'Pro' Model

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The OnePlus 9T is allegedly coming alone in the fall, the company has no plans to announce the ‘Pro’ variant. That is not exactly surprising, as the OnePlus 8T arrived as a sole offering last year.

This information has been via Weibo (China’s social media network), and retweeted by TechDroider. In this tweet, some additional display-related information got revealed.

The OnePlus 9T is allegedly coming in the fall with an LTPO display

The OnePlus 9T will, allegedly, use Samsung’s 120Hz LTPO E4 display. That will be a fullHD+ display, and chances are it will be flat, even though that is not mentioned here.


Considering this will be an LTPO panel, it will offer a variable refresh rate. So, the phone will be able to lower the refresh rate when necessary, and crank it up when you’re using the device. That should, in theory, help with power consumption.

The OnePlus 9 does not offer an LTPO display, but the OnePlus 9 Pro does, a QHD+ one. OnePlus usually takes advantage of really good fullHD+ displays, so chances are this one will be up to par. The panel itself is really good, and it’s up to OnePlus to optimize it.

The OnePlus 8T got announced in October last year, and the 9T could arrive around that time as well. If we had to guess, we’d say either October or November, as that’s when OnePlus usually announces its T series phones.


We’re expecting the 9T to look a bit different than its sibling

It’s quite possible the OnePlus 9T will look a bit different in comparison to the OnePlus 9, but not by much. The phone is still expected to be made out of metal and glass, and include a display camera hole.

OnePlus could surprise us all and utilize an under-display camera on the device, but chances are that won’t happen. The OnePlus 10 could feature an under-display camera, though.

The Snapdragon 888 or 888+ will fuel the OnePlus 9T. The Snapdragon 888+ surfaced recently, and it is expected to arrive later this year. We’ll see what SoC will OnePlus opt for.