Here's All The New Games Joining GeForce NOW This Week

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Humankind

NVIDIA has a new crop of games coming to GeForce NOW as of today, including Humankind and a couple of other really popular titles.

For this week, there are a total of 10 new GeForce NOW games. Which brings the overall amount of newly added titles for the month of June to 36. NVIDIA added 13 last week and 13 the week before.

Earlier in the month NVIDIA said there were 38 new games being added to GeForce NOW for June. So next week is either going to be a really light week, or NVIDIA will end up adding a few more. Next week will also be the last week for June’s new games, as the week after switches over to July.


Humankind and more join GeForce NOW this month

First things first let’s get this out of the way. The Humankind availability is up and through both Steam and the Epic Games Store. But, only for those who were accepted into the closed beta. The game has not officially launched, but the closed beta is accessible right now.

So the GeForce NOW availability is for the closed beta participants. That being said, with the closed beta being available now, the regular launch version should be available once the game releases. Which will be on August 17.

Also worth noting is that the closed beta for Humankind only lasts until June 21. So the game will be leaving GeForce NOW starting next Monday or Tuesday. In addition to Humankind, GeForce now players also now have access to another really popular game title, Overcooked! 2. This is the Epic Games Store version of the game. And it’s also free on the Epic Games  Store right now through June 24.


It’s worth picking up just for that reason alone. But it’s also fun, so why not have a fun game you can play on the go?

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Lands On the service on October 26

During E3, Square Enix showcased a handful of upcoming games to look forward to. One of those games is Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is being developed by Eidos Montreal. The same team behind the Deus Ex games.

NVIDIA says that this title will release onto GeForce NOW on October 26, the same day the game launches for all platforms.


As for the remainder of the games that are launching today, this includes Roguebook, Panzer Corps 2, Pathway, Supraland, Sword and Fairy, Sword and Fairy 2, The Universim, and World of Warships.