The New Zoom PWA Greatly Improves The User Experience On Chromebooks

Zoom PWA Chromebook

If you’ve ever used Zoom on a Chromebook, you probably know that it’s not quite up to the task. It lacks several basic features that are available for users on other platforms, much to the frustration of Chromebook users. To address some of those frustrations, the company last week announced a brand new Progressive Web App (PWA) for Chrome OS. And days later, the new Zoom PWA, which is specifically designed to improve the Zoom experience on Chromebooks, is live.

A Progressive Web App is essentially a standard website presented in a slightly complex manner. You can install it as an app, though it is nothing but a bookmark for that particular website. However, PWAs have their own advantages. They deliver a faster and more seamless experience than a regular website and also take up less storage than a traditional desktop app. Moreover, when the web client is updated, the changes automatically arrive for PWA users. So they always have access to the latest and greatest features.

Google offers most of its web services such as Docs and Meet as a PWA. Zoom is now going the same route to improve the experience for Chromebook users. It is pushing the new PWA as a replacement for the legacy native app. The latter will also be available for Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade customers until January 2022. However, the company recommends users switch to Zoom PWA as early as possible so they can access all the latest features.


‘Zoom for Chrome – PWA’ is now available on the Google Play Store

Chromebook users can now download the “Zoom for Chrome – PWA” app from the Google Play Store (link below). It brings a refreshed interface that’s now more in line with the native app on other platforms. The setup process is simpler as well.

New features and improvements over the native Zoom app for Chromebooks include live transcription, easier access to “Reactions” and the “Raise Hand” button, a customizable Gallery View on supported machines, live translation with assigned interpreters, and self-select Breakout Rooms.

The Video backgrounds feature, something that made Zoom stand out when video conferencing platforms grew in popularity last year, is also finally coming to Chromebook users with the new Zoom PWA. The company says all these additions would enable Chromebook users to enjoy a similar experience as on a Windows or Mac desktop. It promises to further enhance the usability with newer features in the coming months.


If you’re a Chromebook user, you can click the button below to download the new Zoom PWA for Chrome OS.