The New Wear OS May Leave Behind Current Fossil Smartwatches

Fossil Gen 5 LTE 1

It looks like Fossil simply has no room in its current lineup for the new Wear OS. Earlier this year, when Google announced the new Wear OS revamp that’s coming soon, what it didn’t elaborate on was compatibility with current devices.

That’s probably because it wants to leave that up to the manufacturers themselves. Google may be making all the software available for manufacturers to update existing hardware. And if that’s the case, then manufacturers would have the final say in whether existing devices get that new software.

In Fossil’s case, it’s now being reported that the company might not be updating existing smartwatches to the new Wear OS. Instead, the company is choosing to focus its efforts elsewhere.


Fossil will have a new “premium” smartwatch that runs the new Wear OS

It doesn’t appear that Fossil has made any official statements yet about upgrading its current smartwatches. But it does seem to have confirmed that it will be releasing a new “premium” smartwatch. This new watch will run on the updated platform.

There’s a lot that’s been left unsaid about this upcoming new device. However Fossil has shared a couple of key pieces of information. Aside from the upcoming watch being premium, the device is also going to have some “major hardware upgrades.” Thinking about the hardware, this could be why current and previous Fossil smartwatches don’t get the software upgrade. If Fossil chooses not to update them.

It’s possible that the new Wear OS will need more powerful hardware to work properly. During its keynote, Google touted numerous benefits. Such as noticeably increased performance. The new Wear OS will also have better battery life, and advanced health features.


All of which are likely things that Fossil is focusing on. This also probably means that the watch won’t be as affordable as past Fossil devices.

Fossil plans to offer just one premium watch for the new platform

If you look back at Fossil’s current and past smartwatches, there’s a lot of them. And that’s not even considering the models from brands under Fossil Group.

With this new platform though, Fossil is planning to release just one premium watch. This suggests that Fossil is looking to cut down on its offerings for this segment of its products. Consumers can probably still expect to see other watch brands under Fossil create its own offerings though.


Fossil says it will continue to send out updates to its Gen 5 and Gen 5E watches. But it doesn’t confirm what those updates will look like or if that includes the new Wear OS.