The Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay Is Being Revealed Tomorrow

MARVEL Future Revolution

Netmarble is gearing up to reveal the gameplay for Marvel Future Revolution, an upcoming action RPG starring some of the Marvel universe’s most well-known heroes and villains.

The game is a sequel to the popular Marvel Future Fight game that was launched on mobile years ago. Though Future Fight had a different story, it was also an action RPG, so gameplay should be fairly similar with Future Revolution.

Netmarble says its upcoming gameplay reveal will be the first time ever that it’s shown off gameplay. However, the studio does have one video that shows off in-game footage from over a year ago. What Netmarble is probably referring to is that players will get to see actual gameplay with this upcoming reveal. Whereas the gameplay video on the Netmarble YouTube channel shows only about 5 seconds of attacks from a handful of characters.


Marvel Future Revolution will get a gameplay reveal on June 29

Netmarble has revealed on the official Future Revolution Twitter page that the reveal will happen tomorrow, June 29, at 5PM PST. The video will likely be posted to the same page as well. So if you’re on Twitter you should be able to catch it there.

If you don’t have a Twitter set up, the gameplay reveal should be on the official YouTube too. If you can’t wait to see what in-game footage looks like, you can watch the video above. Which does display what graphics actually look like in-game. Although as mentioned, the video is fairly short and doesn’t show a whole lot.

The gameplay reveal may also show off a release date

Other than the gameplay, the only other real unknown at this point is when the game will launch. Players shouldn’t expect the release date to be revealed along with the official gameplay trailer. But it wouldn’t be too surprising if it was listed.


Since this is going to be a free game, there will be micro transactions for some game content. That also probably means there will be some sort of progression system set up for players to acquire rewards.