MSI Is Launching A Pair Of True Wireless Earbuds For Gaming

MSI Immerse GH62 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

True wireless earbuds designed specifically for gaming are not entirely new yet they are still less common, and now MSI is entering the space.

MSI recently revealed during its Computex 2021 event that it would be releasing a pair of true wireless earbuds made for gaming. And while they work for any sort of media, they’ll definitely be marketed towards gamers. And no doubt MSI has a few features planned that will cater to consumers in that segment.

Much like EPOS has done with its GTW 270 Hybrid, MSI’s earbuds (officially called the Immerse GH62) will feature a low-latency audio response. So they should provide a really great sound experience for games.


MSI hasn’t revealed the price or availability of its true wireless gaming earbuds

Unfortunately for eager buyers, MSI hasn’t revealed the most important details. Which are the availability and the price point of these new earbuds.

While we can’t speak to the availability, the price point is something that shouldn’t be hard to guess. If MSI wants to price these competitively, right around the $150 – $200 mark is the sweet spot. The two best pairs of true wireless earbuds for gamers that we’ve tried both sit at the $200 mark.

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro and the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid. Assuming MSI bakes in similar features, the retail cost being somewhere around the price of those products is likely. But not necessarily guaranteed.


Also worth mentioning is that these may not even come to the US. Though many of MSI’s gaming laptops and other gaming products do. So there’s no reason to believe these won’t also.

The earbuds are “coming soon”

MSI didn’t give out any exact information on the launch date, but that doesn’t mean the Immerse GH62 are far off. The company says the earbuds are coming soon. Which may signify that a release could happen by the end of the Summer.

The earbuds will come in at least one color, and have the MSI Tiamat dragon logo on both earbuds. Naturally they also come with a wireless charging case. Though there was no mention of battery life.


MSI was also light on features, but it does state that the earbuds will provide accurate audio reproduction and clear voice recording. So these might be good for content creation and voice calls.