Microsoft Brings Back Xbox Design Lab For The Series X Controller

Xbox Series X Controller Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab is back with the ability to make up your own custom controllers, this time for the new wireless controller that launched alongside the Series X / S.

Ever since Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X / S last year, there have been a few controller drops that go beyond the standard black and white options. This has included the Shock Blue controller, as well as a new Voltage color and the Daystrike Camo.

Having options is all well and good, but it doesn’t beat being able to design your own Xbox Series X controller through the Design Lab. Primarily because this gives you a way to make the controller completely unique. So you get something that more than likely, no one else has.


Now to be clear the Xbox Design Lab never went away. It’s always been there, but now it includes the new wireless controller as an option.

The Xbox Design Lab now lets you create custom Series X / S controllers

If you’ve never used the Design Lab before, your options aren’t limitless. While Microsoft does give you a pretty decent amount of freedom here, you only have so many options to choose from.

That being said, there are still plenty of possible design combinations. This starts with the fact that there are 18 different colors you can select for the design. Add to that the ability to select colors for 7 different segments of the controller, including the d-pad and action buttons, and you have a lot of possible color combinations.


You also get the ability to engrave the controller with a custom message. This can be anything from your gamertag to a little note. You are limited to 16 characters though. So keep in mind the note can’t be too long.

A custom controller will run you up to $80

Designing a custom controller isn’t much more than the regular controllers. As they start at $70. You can opt to color as many parts of the controller as you want for the same $70 price.

It does go up to $80 though if you want to add the engraving option. Which runs an additional $10 on top of the base cost of $70. All-in-all that’s not too bad for a completely unique controller. If you want to design your own you can reach the Xbox Design Lab by clicking this link.