We'll Find Out "What's Next" For Windows On June 24

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Microsoft has scheduled a new press event, and this one is expected to show us “what’s next” for Windows OS. The event has been scheduled for June 24, which is what we expected, essentially.

During Microsoft’s Build 2021 conference, the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, teased that some changes to Windows are coming. He confirmed that Microsoft is working on the “next generation of Windows”, and said that we’ll find out more in June.

Microsoft will show us “what’s next” for Windows on June 24

That is what this event should be about. This event will be live-streamed, so you’ll be able to follow along. The event starts at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PST / 5 PM CET / 4 PM BST.


On the company’s official website, Microsoft used the following caption: “Join us to see what’s next for Windows”, clearly hinting that this event will be focused on the company’s hugely popular platform.

Microsoft is expected to get a major facelift, and we’re expecting to see some of those changes during this press conference. The company will probably do a lot of work under the hood as well, but the UI should be in focus here.

Windows Central also reported, back in October last year, that Microsoft is working on a major design change for the Windows UI. That is to be expected, as the UI may seem dated to some of you, compared to the competition.


A “major UI facelift” is expected

This new UI project is allegedly referred to as ‘Suny Valley’, and that is a part of the so-called ‘Cobalt’ updated for Windows 10. Windows Central says that ‘Cobalt’ is coming later this year, during the holiday season.

That is basically everything we know at the moment. We’re not entirely sure what to expect, though. Microsoft may slightly change the UI, just to spruce things up. On the other hand, we may see huge changes here.

Considering that Windows Central reported that a “major facelift” is coming, things are surely expected to change. We presume that the overall functionality won’t change much, as that’s what people are used to, but we’ll see.