Microsoft Has Announced Android Apps Will Work With Windows 11


Microsoft just announced the latest chapter in the Windows operating system narrative: Windows 11. Among the new additions and features introduced was Android apps for Windows 11. This feature will seamlessly integrate Android apps into the Windows operating System.

Android apps for Windows 11 will be seamlessly integrated into the operating system

The announcement that Android apps will be coming to Windows 11 probably shocked just about everyone. It was a relatively small section of the presentation, but it tells a lot about what to expect. In the announcement, Panos said that the integration will use Intel bridging technology in order to make a seamless experience.

“Seamlessness” is the operative word, as the question likely on everyone’s mind is, “How will the apps behave on the Windows platform?” Forcing Android apps into a desktop space is still proving to be a challenge on Chromebooks. Sometimes, apps just don’t behave the way they’re intended when outside of a phone screen.


In the presentation, however, we see TikTok being used. The app is being moved around and interacted with as though it were a standard Windows application. This shows that this is not just an Android app emulator. Android apps look like they will be integrated on a deeper scale.

Not all Google apps will be available, unfortunately

There will be a caveat that may actually turn a lot of Android users away from this feature. The apps will be available through the Amazon app store, not through the Google Play store. This is significant to note because it means that you will not be able to use Google apps on Windows 11. You won’t get access to apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Translate, etc. Keep in mind though that all those things are already available on desktop via the web.

This was, understandably, glossed over in the presentation. This was one one of the reasons why Windows Phones were so devoid of apps. Microsoft was not granted the ability to utilize Google’s services. This is why, to most peoples’ frustration, there was no YouTube app ever launched for Windows Mobile.


When will Windows 11 launch, and how much will it cost?

Folks who enjoyed the presentation are probably looking forward to getting their hands on Windows 11. There’s no definite date to mark just yet, but we know that it will be a couple of months from now. According to 9To5Google, we can expect to see an official launch this fall. Since Microsoft put out a bunch of hints centering around the number 11, it make sense for the launch to be sometime in November.

As for the cost, this is going to be a free upgrade. We’re unsure as to the minimum system requirements needed to run Windows 11, but more information should come out as we near the official launch.