Microsoft Surface Duo 2 To Launch With A Flagship Snapdragon Chip

Microsoft Surface Duo details video

Microsoft will likely unveil its Surface Duo 2 handset this year, and the company has been quite conservative about it. As a result, unlike most upcoming devices, we don’t have much information about the Surface Duo 2, and Microsoft prefers to keep everything private.

However, we know that it supports 5G and that it will deliver an upgraded camera. As we’re getting closer to the launch date, more leaks are surfacing online.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a device with codename ‘Zeta’, which seemingly stands for the Surface Duo 2. Turning point for this device will be the processor. The Surface Duo 2 is expected to feature the Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 888+ chipset.


The Snapdragon 888 is the company’s flagship SoC, while the ‘Plus’ model is expected to launch later this year. The NFC for contactless payments is another feature that will reportedly be included.

As for the design, there won’t be a huge difference between current and future models. Although Microsoft may decide to add some design tweaks like a slightly bigger screen and thinner bezels.

A new camera will be added to Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The first generation of Surface Duo came with a single 11MP camera. There was no camera on the back of the device. To be honest, the Surface Duo 2 camera was really bad, especailly compared to some rivals like the Galaxy Z Fold.


It seems that Microsoft has noticed the issue and wants to add an external camera system and a bump for improving the photography. It’s still unknown whether Microsoft intends to place the camera outside or put it beside the previous camera.

The device is expected to include Android 11. Of course, Microsoft will add some customizations to the operating system. The software at the first generation Surface Duo was too buggy and almost ruined the user experience. We hope Microsoft solves these issues with the Surface Duo 2.

As for the launch time, some sources have reported that Surface Duo 2 may come later this year. It may arrive in September or October. Also, a price drop is expected because the last generation came with a $1,400 price tag, which is a high price for a device with software that is so buggy, and a camera experience that simply cannot compete.