Major Google App Issue Causes Headache For A Lot Of Users

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A major Google app issue has surfaced, as it renders the app unusable, basically. This is causing a headache for a lot of users, as the app didn’t simply stop working and that’s it. No, it’s also constantly notifying users that it doesn’t work… well, at least on some devices.

A major Google app issue is affecting a lot of users

This issue seems to be affecting a lot of users at the moment. Users have been reporting the problem on various platforms, as they keep getting “Google keeps stopping” pop up constantly. Every time it’s removed, it simply pops up again after a couple of seconds.

Needless to say, this is immensely annoying and it makes using the phone almost impossible. That pop-up interferes with basically anything you’re doing on the device. On top of that, it renders Google Assistant, Search, Google Lens, and so on unusable as well, as all services fail to start.


The issue surfaced on my sister-in-law’s Xiaomi Mi 9T handset, while none of the phones I have in front of me have the issue as of now. It’s very weird, and it doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone.

Also, this problem doesn’t seem to be connected to a specific version of the app, as we’ve seen reports that various different versions are affected… and yet, if you uninstall updates to the app, that seems to solve the problem.

Soft restart may help

Google is also suggesting that you do a soft restart of your device. That seems to fix the issue for some users, though some of them reported that it didn’t help.


I solved it by uninstalling updates to the app, and then reinstalling the last available update. For some reason that worked in this case, so you may try that as well before you do anything else.

It’s possible that Google already sorted things out on the server-side of things, so reinstalling the update did the trick. We cannot be sure, though. Just to be safe, if you’re not having issues at the moment, don’t install the latest available Google app update.