Surprise! LG May Soon Start Selling… iPhones?

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According to a new report, LG stores in South Korea may soon start selling iPhones. This information comes from Business Korea, as it is claimed that LG and Apple are currently negotiating this possibility.

LG stores in South Korea may soon start selling Apple’s iPhones, surprising everyone

As most of you know by now, LG Electronics’ ‘Mobile’ business has been shut down. LG decided to cut its losses, and stop manufacturing smartphones altogether. It seems like Apple is trying to take advantage of the situation to expand its reach in South Korea.

This would certainly make sense for LG as well. Why? Well, the company’s stores will continue operating, selling other LG products, but not smartphones. So, why not take advantage of the situation, and sell someone else’s phones? LG could profit from this, of course. There are over 400 LG Best Shop locations in South Korea, so there’s much to think about.


The negotiations are not close to being concluded

The source claims that the two companies are negotiating, but that they still have some major roadblocks to cross. One such roadblock is… who will be selling the devices inside the store? Will it be LG employees, or Apple employees?

LG does have sales assistants available for something like that, as they’re no longer required to sell LG’s phones. On the flip side, it’s well-known that Apple likes to use its own sales assistants.

Other Apple products may found their way into LG stores as well

Now, there’s also a possibility that other Apple products will be available at LG stores. Apple would benefit from something like that, if iPads and Apple Watches found their way there. May even some other products?


Those are the questions that need answering through these negotiations. The two companies are probably discussing various other issues, of course, these are only some examples.

It is claimed that LG wants to close this deal by the end of July. That is when the last sales of LG’s smartphones will end, so it would be a perfect time to introduce something else to its buyers. This sure is an interesting prospect.