Huawei Will Launch Harmony OS Update For Over 100 Devices

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Huawei has been hitting the headlines hard with its own custom operating system called Harmony OS. Those who are eagerly awaiting to see the software in action may get their wish soon enough. According to Android Authority, Huawei will be updating over 100 devices with the operating system over the next year.

The Harmony OS update will apply to a long list of phones

Huawei is in a tough place and has been for over a year. The US government banned the company from selling its devices to the states. This ban also prohibits Huawei from using Google’s services: this means that it can’t use Android. Soon after this happened, the company came out and stated that it will establish its own operating system.

The list of devices that will receive the update is rather lengthy, even including devices with some miles on them. This list includes recent Huawei smartphones and tablets.


It’s no surprise that the newest Huawei devices are first in line to get the update- these are the Mate 40 and the P40. However, the update will stretch back to some devices that have been launched some years ago. Huawei stated that it will, at the very least, include devices like the Mate 9 and the P10. These phones were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The update will also extend to devices that were sold under its sub-brand, Honor. This will include a handful of Nova devices that were launched before the two companies parted ways.

Depending on the device you have, you could wait up to a year to get the update

Completely uprooting the software of millions of devices that were released over the course of four years is a slow process. Folks who are rocking the Mate 40, the P40, Mate 30, or select MatePads can expect to get the update sometime in June 2021.

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Those who have slightly older devices will have to wait a bit longer for the update. Owners of the Mate XS, Mate 20, some Nova devices, and some MatePads will have to wait until the third quarter of this year. Huawei has not specified which Nova devices will get the update, nor did it state which MatePads will be included. If you have these devices, you can expect to get your update in the summer or early fall.

Going down the line, if you have a P30, a Mate 20X, or a Mate X, you will be waiting until the end of the year. Those who are sporting the Mate 9 or P10 will have to hunker down because the update will go out to those devices during the first half of 2022.

American Huawei users who live in America are, sadly, out of luck. Huawei stated that it will only launch the Harmony OS update to devices in China. We’re not sure when (or if) that will change.