HONOR Working On In-Folding Smartphone, Coming Next Year

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HONOR seems to be developing an in-folding smartphone, according to Ross Young. For those of you who don’t know, Ross Young is a respected display analyst, and he shared this information via Twitter.

He said that HONOR will announce its first foldable smartphone after Samsung, Google, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Now, all of those companies are expected to announce their foldables this year, save for OPPO.

HONOR is expected to announce an in-folding foldable smartphone next year

According to some information that surfaced recently, OPPO’s first foldable will arrive in Q1 next year. That automatically means that HONOR’s next foldable will likely arrive next year as well. It will likely launch in H1 2022.


Do note that OPPO did not confirm that its foldable smartphone is coming next year, so there’s still a chance all the companies from the list may launch their devices in 2021. We’ll have to wait and see.

In any case, HONOR’s first foldable smartphone will be in-folding. It will utilize displays from BOE and Visionox, says the source. He also mentioned that this is Visionox’s first foldable “design” aka display design.

It is still not clear whether HONOR will release a foldable similar to the Galaxy Fold, or a clamshell-style foldable. Chances are it will be the first one, but we’ll have to wait and see.


HONOR’s upcoming devices will include Google services

As most of you already know, HONOR is no longer owned by Huawei. The company is free to use Google services on its devices, which means its upcoming phones will arrive with full support from Google.

HONOR is expected to announce its HONOR 50 series devices tomorrow, amongst which we’ll get at least one flagship-grade smartphone. Those will be regular devices, though, not foldable ones, of course.

It’s nice to see that so many companies are working on their foldable offerings. That is good for the industry, as it will give users a lot of choices. It will hopefully affect price tags as well, as foldable smartphones are still too expensive for most people.