Google's Foldable Pixel Will Likely Use Samsung Ultra-thin Glass

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AM AH 21
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Apparently, Samsung is going to be selling some of its Ultra-thin Glass to Google for its upcoming foldable Pixel smartphone.

Samsung has been starting to sell this tech to some of its competitors, that are also looking to create foldable smartphones. According to a report out of South Korea, ETNews is reporting that Google will be one of the first customers to purchase UTG from Samsung.

Stating that “it has been reported that Samsung Display is planning to sell its UTG to other smartphone manufacturers in order to strengthen its foldable display business. It is expected that its foldable OLED panel and UTG will be applied together for a foldable smartphone that Google is preparing.”


There’s still no word on when the foldable Pixel is coming, but it could be this fall.

Samsung is surprisingly giving up its exclusivity of UTG

Many might think that Samsung wouldn’t want to share ultra-thin glass with its competitors, as it’s a way to make its foldable smartphones stand out in the pack. But for Samsung Display, it’s looking to expand its “foldable display business” and this is going to be the way to do it.

While Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of foldable smartphones right now, there are going to be competitors. And Samsung getting its foot in the door for making glass for these foldable phones, could be a huge money grab for Samsung. And from a business standpoint, it makes loads of sense for Samsung.


Keep in mind that most smartphones do already use Samsung Display for its panels. Particularly when it comes to OLED. So it’s not surprising to see a company like Google using Samsung for its upcoming foldable Pixel.

Samsung is more than just a phone maker, as it makes a majority of the components found in every smartphone – even the iPhone. So the success of just about every smartphone, helps Samsung too.