Google Turned On Bold, For Android 12's "At A Glance" Widget

Android 12 At A Glance Widget AM AH

In the second beta for Android 12, many have noticed that the “At A Glance” widget which is located on the homescreen, is now in bold. It’s a pretty subtle bold here, and you likely wouldn’t have noticed it, if we didn’t say anything.

It’s not a big change obviously, as this is the only real change to the widget actually. It doesn’t take up any more space on the homescreen, but does make it look a bit nicer on the homescreen, and easier to read with some wallpapers.

Because this is such a subtle change to the widget, it is also possible that Google will revert it before the final build of Android 12 comes out later this year. This is part of the reason for these developer previews and betas to exist. For Google to get some feedback on these changes and then either keep or revert them.


And this is not the first time that Google has made this widget a bit bolder.

You still can’t remove this widget

Unfortunately, Google still does not allow you to remove this widget from the homescreen on a Pixel device. The only way to really remove it is to install a third-party launcher. Which might be a nuisance to some, but I for one like it there.

This widget is pretty nice because it shows you the date, weather and any upcoming events coming up on your calendar. Like a doctor’s appointment in an hour or so. Hence the name “At A Glance” for this widget.


There’s plenty of other changes in Android 12 Beta 2, and we’re still digging through to see everything that is new here. It’s actually one of the bigger beta updates that Android 12 will get. As a number of features are finally here, like the new Privacy Dashboard. But stay tuned to so you don’t miss anything.