Google Has Added A Search Filter To The Stadia Android App

Stadia 2

Earlier this year Google officially added a search bar to the Stadia store on the web, but not the Android app. Mind you, this is a feature that many users thought Google would have added alongside the service’s launch back in 2019.

But to everyone’s surprise it wasn’t added until much later. With the search bar now available in the Stadia Android app, narrowing down games you may be looking for will be a lot more efficient than before.

Having said that, there are some things to be aware of about the feature. Especially if you plan on using it often.


The Search bar in Stadia for Android is an experimental feature

Stadia Search Bar Android 1

The first thing to make note of is that this is an experimental feature. That means Google is still working on it. And development of the feature is likely to continue until Google feels that it’s at a point where it can be rolled out as part of the normal features.

To activate this feature so you can use it, tap on your profile avatar that sits in the top right corner. Then scroll down to Experiments, which should have two features in there currently. There will be one for “playing on this device” which is only usable if your device isn’t already supported, and one for the “Filter Search.”


The Filter Search feature is the one you want to enable. Tap the toggle and then you’ll be able to use the search option inside the store part of the app.

There is one other caveat though. The search bar isn’t a persistent thing that will be available throughout the entire store.

You’ll only find the search bar inside pages

Stadia Search Bar Android 2


To get to the search function, you’ll need to pick one of the pages. For example, the Summer Deals page. Once you tap on this page, you should see a search filter option at the top.

From there simply tap on the search filter and then enter any keywords you want to narrow down the results.

While this isn’t a true search bar that works from the store’s home page, it’s at least an option. And perhaps when the search function is no longer an experiment, Google will turn it into a search bar that’s accessible from anywhere in the store.