Google Reverses Decision To Kill Full-Length URLs In Chrome

Chrome Tab DG AH 2020

In an apparent bid to satisfy its users, Google has now decided not to kill full-length URLs in Chrome. That’s based on a recent report from Android Police, after a change in the Chromium bug tracker was spotted.

The change details the decision to end the experiment. Namely, pointing to the fact that simplifying URLs didn’t improve security for users to any significant degree.

Why did Google want to kill full-length Chrome URLs and what did that do?

Now, Google was initially changing the way Chrome displays URLs by effectively removing all but the domain name from view. So, for a site like Android Headlines, only ‘androidheadlines.com’ would have been shown.


That should have, the company argued, made it easier for users to avoid scams. Especially since it would be easier to spot red flags in the domain, such as any misspellings. For instance, the user could more easily see that a scam website was showing “androideadlines.com” instead of “androidheadlines.com.”

That change has been through multiple iterations since it was first introduced. The most recent was arguably the most useful since a click to highlight the URL showed the entire URL instead of just the domain. But the feedback from users was also not entirely positive, despite that Google left an option to show the full URL. Specifically, via a right-click on the URL Omnibox and by a click or tap on “Always show full URLs.”

With Google deciding to kill the experiment entirely, though, full-length URLs have returned to Chrome. The company did leave at least one change in place, however. The URL still does not show the “HTTPS://” segment of the domain name. Likely because Google has shifted to pushing the more secure protocol to default now.


You should already see this change in place

As to when this change will be enacted, it appears to have already begun its rollout on the server-side for the latest version of Chrome. So users shouldn’t need to worry about changing any hidden flag settings or adjusting any other Chrome options.