Google Maps Assistive Pickup Feature Will Enable Faster Pickups

Google Maps AH NS 12

Google Maps is slated to receive a myriad of new features, including an Assistive Pickup feature. Google announced its plan to bring some new features to Maps during the recently concluded Google I/O 2021.

The search engine giant is expected to roll out various features such as improved navigational routes with machine learning and expansion to the Live View feature. One of the new features coming to Google Maps will allow users to share their arrival times with stores.

As a result, stores will be able to do faster pickups. XDA Developers discovered the impending feature in a teardown of Google Maps v10.72, which was recently made available on the Play Store.


An APK teardown usually hints at upcoming features in a future update of an application. However, there is a possibility that some of those features might not even see the light of day.

Google Maps Assistive Pickup feature will expedite pickups

XDA Developers shared the strings that indicate the Assistive Pickup feature will give users an option to add their orders to Google Maps. They will also be able to share their arrival time with the store for a quicker pickup.

Google Maps will automatically share your estimated arrival time with the store until you reach there. Moreover, users will be able to create pickup orders through the confirmations sent to their Gmail ID when the feature is live.


Alternatively, they can head to Settings and turn the feature off at any time. There will be a “Check in” option that can be used to check in with the store “so they can bring your order directly to you.”

What else the Google Maps Assistive Pickup feature will offer?

The strings also suggest that the feature will not show your real-time location to the store at any given time. In the teardown, the site found an image that depicts the Assistive Pickup feature.

Google Maps Assistive Pickup Feature


Once the Assistive Pickup feature rolls out on the stable channel, Google Maps will display a card calling your attention to the feature. It will have instructions that simplify the process of using the new feature.

Regrettably, the Google Maps Assistive Pickup feature is still not live in the latest app release. Google Maps has received a slew of new features in the last few weeks.

With the impending features, Google plans to give users more detailed street maps. Fifty more cities including Seattle, São Paulo, and Berlin will get this feature by the end of this year.