Google Aims To Improve Android 12 Ripple Effect

AH Android 12 image 204

With Android 12, Google has introduced a ripple effect when you tap on stuff. However, users didn’t respond to this visual update as the company would have hoped for. Many users felt that the sparkly animation was some kind of bug rather than an intended effect. It appears Google has heard the feedback. The company has promised to improve the ripple effect with future releases of Android 12.

This visual update in Android 12 was spotted in some Developer Preview versions earlier this year. It officially rolled out with Android 12 Beta 1 last month. Google said the ripple effect is “part of the new visual language of Android 12” and Material You. The company suggested the change would make the related overscroll effect more natural and organic.

But it may have done a bit too much. The change felt like a graphical bug to many users, with those sparkly animations looking like noise artifacts we see in compressed video or GIF files. Some users even started thinking they are having some display issues as tapping on stuff would produce some unwanted effects.


To be fair, the official version of this ripple effect that rolled out with Android 12 Beta 1 last month is still far more refined than what we saw in some prior previews. The earlier version was textured and looked a bit noisier. But users are still not convinced that this looks better than the previous approach, as in Android 11 and lower.

Google promises to make the Android 12 ripple effect less distracting

After installing Beta 1 and seeing the new ripple effect, many concerned users took to the Android 12 issue tracker to file feedback. As of this writing, the main thread has been starred by 264 peoples (via). There are also 169 duplicate threads reporting this issue.

Clearly, a lot of people share the opinion that this visual update isn’t very appealing. Perhaps it’s a distracting change for many users. Google quickly acknowledged the problem after reports started pouring in. The company said it would “update this issue with more information as it becomes available” just a day after the bug was first filed. It has now marked the issue “fixed” and issued the following statement:


“Thanks a ton for the feedback – you’ll be seeing continued updates in Beta 2, 3, and onwards to make the ripple more subtle and less distracting/glitch-feeling.”

So, as per Google’s response, we should see some changes to Android 12’s ripple effect in Beta 2 this month. Subsequent releases should significantly improve this controversial visual update.