Garmin New Watch Can Ask For Help In Emergency Situations

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The Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE is a new watch that is added to the company’s lineup, and it comes with some fantastic features. This watch can save your life in emergencies.

First of all, it supports LTE connectivity, so you don’t need to carry your phone everywhere or necessarily put the watch near the phone. Of course, you need a subscription plan for it, but it is worth it.

Moreover, a LiveTrack feature allows you to share your real-time location and route with your contacts. Receiving text or video messages is also supported.


Forerunner 945 LTE is a flagship watch for Garmin

The feature that makes Forerunner 945 LTE a desirable watch is its ability to send help messages to your emergency contacts. The watch features an incident detection capability that identifies when you need emergency assistance. Then it shares your location and name with the emergency response team. This is an excellent feature for cyclists, runners, and motorcyclists who may encounter any accidents along their way.

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Other typical features include Garmin Pay, storage for music, and receiving phone notifications on the watch. Some fitness tracking features like activity tracking and performance monitoring are also included.

The Garmin claims the battery in Forerunner 945 LTE can last for up to two weeks if you keep it in smartwatch mode. When using GPS, listening to music, and sharing location with LiveTrack, the battery durability reduces to seven hours. The price is $650, and it is available in whitestone or black colors.


Forerunner 55 is a more affordable watch with satisfying features

The Forerunner 945 LTE wasn’t the only watch that Garmin introduced. The Forerunner 55 is a cheaper smartwatch, and it comes with some good features for the price. It is the successor version of Forerunner 45 that experienced improvements.

The most significant improvement is the battery life. Garmin believes it lasts for up to two weeks in smartwatch mode. In comparison to Forerunner 45, the battery durability is doubled. Also, Forerunner 55 can last for up to 20 hours in GPS mode.

The Garmin Forerunner 55 is now available at $200, and you can order it in black, white, and aqua.


Just like any other smartwatch, health-related features are also included. You can find hydration tracking, pregnancy tracking, relaxation reminders, respiration rate monitoring, and menstrual tracking in Forerunner 55. The watch also supports sharing locations and messages with friends.

As for the runners, they can access the details of their runs like speed, distance, heart rate, and other information.