Galaxy S21 Series Is Receiving Its Second Update In June

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Samsung Galaxy S21 series of smartphones will be receiving their second update in June. The Galaxy S21 lineup was one of the first smartphones from Samsung to receive the June 2021 security update.

Samsung rolled out this important update to fix the lag and stutter the Galaxy S21 smartphones faced sometimes. The camera app on the Galaxy S21 series smartphones lagged while carrying out basic tasks such as switching between main and zoom cameras.

At the time, Samsung said the June update will fix the issue.


Galaxy S21 series set to receive its second update

Samsung is rolling out a second update just a week after the first update. The company once again assures that the performance of the camera has been improved.

The previously rolled out June update for the Galaxy S21 series noticeably fixed the camera performance. You do not experience the lag when zooming in and out. Similarly, there is no lag while switching cameras before the update were made available.

However, there is still room for improvement, according to SamMobile. The new update that’s being made available now is likely to bring more optimization.

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Second update availability

UAE was the first country to receive the Galaxy S21 series initial update. Likewise, the latest firmware update is currently rolling out in the UAE ahead of any other country.

Aside from that, Samsung is rolling it out to other markets including Thailand, that haven’t received the first June update.

In other words, some markets will not receive the first June release. These markets will receive these much-needed camera performance improvements directly via the second June update.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Update

The latest Galaxy S21 update carries firmware number G99xBXXU3AUF2 and will be accompanied by an update notification as usual. If you haven’t received the notification, you can trigger it by launching the Settings app on your phone and heading to Software update.