Galaxy S21 Phones Are Now Receiving Their Third June Update

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Samsung‘s Galaxy S21 series is now receiving its third software update of this month. The newly released update is currently rolling out to users in South Korea, Germany, and Thailand with the firmware version G99xxXXU3AUF6.

According to the official changelog, the new software brings fixes for those crazy stutters and camera lags that have affected the Galaxy S21 phones since at least last month. Zooming in/out or switching the lenses takes an enormous amount of time. The lags are enough for users to miss that perfect shot they wanted to capture, much to their frustration.

Samsung recently said it has applied a fix to this problem with the June security update. However, it was unclear whether the first or the second June update introduced that fix. We also speculated that a third update may roll out soon as reports suggested the issues existed even after installing the first two updates. And here we are, a third software update of this month is indeed rolling out for the Galaxy S21 series.


The first two June updates for the latest Galaxy flagships rolled out awfully slowly, at least by Samsung’s standards. The new firmware was released only in a handful of countries as of this writing. So in some regions, this could be only the second, or even first, June security update for the new phones. Anyways, if you own either of the Galaxy S21, S21+, or the S21 Ultra, a new update is on your way and it should fix the camera issues.

The new update also brings some new features, addresses overheating issues

As a Samsung Members community moderator recently announced on the company’s official forums in South Korea, the third June update for the Galaxy S21 series also brings a few more changes. It introduces a new feature that enables the phones to retrieve and read QR codes from photos stored in the gallery. A new manual color function also improves the usability and performance of the Video Call Effect feature.

Last but not least, Samsung is promising to address device overheating problems with the new software. There haven’t been many widespread reports of the Galaxy S21 phones heating too much in recent times. So it’s unclear whether it’s some precautionary optimization or if the company noticed any unusual behavior in the phones. Nonetheless, if you’re facing any overheating issues on your Galaxy S21, the latest update should fix it.


The currently-rolling third June update for the Galaxy S21 series should reach several markets across the world over the next few weeks. If you own the new Galaxy flagship, be on the lookout for a notification prompting you to download this update. You can also manually check for updates from the Settings app, under the Software update menu.