Facebook Gaming Fan Groups Now Rolling Out To Gaming Creators

fan groups

Facebook Gaming Fan Groups are now rolling out according to Engadget. The new group type will be a tool for gaming creators, such as streamers, to create topics for chats. This is basically Facebook’s take on Discord channels.

A few things that creators will be able to do is organize topics into threaded discussions. Once the topics are created they can be moved into chat channels. In order to help users find people to play games with there is a new post type. The new post type is called Looking for Players and will be the perfect tool to help find people in the same community.

This goes in-depth by letting users specify how many people they want to team up with. Which should be a great feature for users. Gamers may only need one or two players to fill out a roster so they can tackle a raid. Facebook isn’t stopping there though. In addition to the new post type, Facebook is improving Fan Group discovery.


The entire goal here is for streamers to build their communities. Streaming has been ramping up in popularity recently. Thanks to the pandemic, streaming grew even more as people spent more time at home. In order to keep themselves entertained, they turned to watching streamers among other entertainment.

Facebook Gaming Fan Groups will help creators build their communities

However, there is plenty of competition in the streaming space. There are the behemoths Twitch and YouTube which have a lock on the streaming market. YouTube has been around for so long that just about everyone knows to turn their when they want to watch any videos.

Twitch continues to grow. There have even been politicians, athletes, and other famous people who have turned to Twitch. Now, it seems that Facebook hopes its new improvements will win attract streamers.


The idea isn’t too farfetched. Facebook has billions of users worldwide. That user base is huge. As a result, streamers can get their content in front of a lot of people. In addition, because it is Facebook streamers can stay connected with their fans easier. Users can stay on Facebook’s platform to communicate with their favorite streamers.

In addition, Facebook says that streamers will retain 100% percent of their earning. The social media giant will not take a cut from creators’ earnings until 2023. That is an exciting prospect for streamers. The good news is that Fan Groups are now available to partnered Facebook Gaming creators. Level Up creators will gain access in the coming weeks.

Facebook is in the perfect position to steal some users away from Twitch and YouTube. Only time will tell if it can succeed.