Facebook To Launch 'Bulletin' Newsletter Platform By The End Of June

Facebook landing page logo AH 2020

Facebook is reportedly working on a newsletter platform called ‘Bulletin,’ and it may go live before the end of June.

Also, Recode says that Bulletin won’t be a part of Facebook, and it will have a different platform in a new domain. Facebook has two reasons for this, and they seem to be compelling reasons.

First, Facebook wants the Bulletin to be a new brand for itself. The second reason is they wants to bypass the commission payment system to Apple and Google. Even for the design, designers are trying to show the independent identity of the Bulletin from Facebook.


The Bulletin newsletter will come under two free and paid versions. Moreover, its main focus is on topics like sports, fashion, and the environment.

Bulletin Newsletter will cover local news

As for the local news, there will be a section for audiences interested in knowing what is happening around them. In addition, Facebook previously noted that it is ready to spend $5 million on supporting local news writers on Bulletin.

Facebook’s newsletter will be an excellent opportunity for writers to take advantage of the company’s 2.85 billion users around the world. Also, the Bulletin is going to cover topics that Facebook’s users don’t want to read within the platform and even can’t find them easily.


“We want to do more to support the independent journalists and experts who are building businesses and audiences online,” Facebook’s vice president for global news partnerships told The New York Times in February.

Facebook is not alone in launching a newsletter platform. Twitter has recently started its efforts to establish a similar platform by acquiring Revue. In addition, Twitter wants to allow creators and journalists to add a “Subscribe To My Newsletter” button to their profiles.

Facebook is about the make a deal with journalists

Any newsletter platform is alive with writers and journalists. So Facebook wants to close a deal with journalists, and the company is also ready to show its goodwill. According to Recode, Facebook has offered two-year deals to journalists, and they can leave the project after the first 12 months.


Of course, the Bulletin won’t be an open platform. All writers and journalists who write on the platform are hired directly by the company. Moreover, Facebook intends to prevent the employment of writers who write about political subjects.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is obsessed with the idea of “creator economy,” and launching Bulletin is a part of a plan to support the idea. Launching a podcast player and a Clubhouse clone are other initiatives that may come in the future.