EA Buys Playdemic From Warner Bros. Games To Expand Its Mobile Empire

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EA today has announced that it’s buying Playdemic from Warner Bros. Games. Playdemic, which is owned by Warner Bros. Games until the acquisition is finalized, is a game development studio behind a wildly popular mobile title called Golf Clash.

A game that currently has over 10 million installs on Google Play alone and sits at a 4.3 rating. According to the official EA announcement, the company will be acquiring Playdemic for $1.4 Billion. No small sum. This makes it the second major acquisition EA has made this year.

It also shows just how serious EA is about really becoming a powerhouse in the mobile space. For the last couple of years it’s been working on bringing Apex Legends to mobile devices. Apex Legends is one of EA’s most popular titles, and should help it capture a sizeable portion of the mobile battle royale market. Back at the end of April it also finalized the acquisition of Glu Mobile. Another big mobile game studio.


Playdemic will play a big role in mobile for EA

EA’s mobile strategy is no doubt going to be comprised of many steps for years to come. These acquisitions are simply how EA finds footing on solid ground more quickly. Playdemic is the latest part of all that.

EA says that bringing Playdemic on board will help it offer new and exciting experiences to its pool of players. Which the company states tops almost half a billion globally. Judging by the acquisition of already established mobile game studios, EA plans to have a healthy mix of content from its own franchises and those of studios like Glu and Playdemic.

Playdemic will continue to develop Golf Clash alongside new titles

Right now Playdemic may not have any new games planned, but it won’t just be maintaining Golf Clash. It does plan to update the game with new content, but it also plans to develop new game IPs under EA in the future.


There’s no telling what those games may be, but for EA it may not matter as long as the games are successful. And if any future games turn out like Golf Clash in terms of popularity, then they surely will be.