Dynamic Color For App Icons Might Come To Android 12

Android 12 Logo AM AH 4

The latest Android 12 beta has been out for a little while and people are still discovering new features and settings. One feature, Dynamic Color, is one of the main talking points of the new software. Thanks to a tweet from kdrad0n, we now know that it will extend to the icons as well.

The icons will have a minimalist aesthetic and will change their color based on the wallpaper

Anyone who’s been following this beta should know what Dynamic Color is. The software creates a customer color palette based on the main colors that are in your wallpaper. The color palette is applied to different aspects of the UI like menus, cards, certain Google apps, etc.

Now, it looks like that’s not all that can be affected by the color palette. The aforementioned tweet shows us Dynamic Color for the icons also. App icons will share the color palette that adorns the rest of the UI.


Android achieves this by giving all the icons a flat, monotone, and minimalist design. This is most likely so that the new color palette doesn’t clash with the original colors of the app icons. In some of the screenshots, we see two different modes: one where the icon’s picture is dark while the circular background is light, and we see the reverse. This is probably a setting that you can change.

Dynamic Color for app icons is only for Google apps at the moment

As for which apps will support this, it’s not hard to guess which apps will be supported first. In the screenshots, we only see Google apps. It’s obvious that Googles’s home-grown apps will have this new aesthetic.

If you’re hoping apps like Twitter, Spotify, or other non-Google apps will support Dynamic Color for app icons, then you might be out of luck. There’s no telling if it will eventually make it to other apps at all. If not, then we can probably expect third-party launchers, like Nova, to implement the feature down the road.


Dynamic Color for app icons is still rolling out

A tweet from Quinny gives us a lot of insight as to which apps will support Dynamic Color or app icons. a snapshot was shared which shows the code that’s named “grayscale_icon_map_xml/Formatted text”. Looking down the lines, we see that the code indicates Chrome, Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, Keep, Google Photos, Quick Search, YouTube, Android settings, app settings, Play Games, Magazines, Books, Kids Family Link, and Translate will have their new icons.

Google is probably still in the process of applying the new app icons to more of its apps. We can guess that this will be completely finished by the time that the official update launches. For the time being, Dynamic Color for app icons might not be available for everyone at the moment.