DOSS Audio Has Steep Prime Day Discounts On TWS Earbuds & Speakers

DOSS audio prime day deals 2021

Amazon Prime Day is well underway, delivering substantial deals on everything technology from speakers to graphics cards, and DOSS audio is getting in on the action too. So if you’ve been waiting on a new Bluetooth speaker, there’s never been a better time to pick one up.

From DOSS, specifically, there are no fewer than eight speaker deals to be had among Prime Day deals. And those range in price from $19.59 to $48.95, with three offerings in particular that represent a real bargain. Those are the DOSS SoundBox XL, DOSS SoundBox Pro+, and DOSS FreePods.

While the other offerings are well worth the look, each of these is 30-percent off.


The DOSS SoundBox XL is a 32W Bluetooth speaker with 20W stereo drivers, a 12W subwoofer, and DSP technology on-board. Although not ruggedized, the SoundBox XL is equipped to last up to 10-hours on a single charge and can be paired in stereo to hit an even broader soundstage. A 3.5mm audio cable is also included, for those who don’t want Bluetooth. And all of that comes in premium DOSS packaging, with the speakers costing just $48.95 during Amazon Prime Day.

For the same money and the same discount, the DOSS SoundBox Pro+ is on sale as well. SoundBox Pro+ packs the same set of features in a 24W package with LED lights to liven up the party further. And, despite those lights, the company claims it will last a bit longer too. Roughly 5-hours longer per charge, in fact. Plus, this DOSS speaker packs an IPX5 rating against water. So it’s not going to break the first time it gets wet either.

Both speakers come with full-fledged on-device button controls too. So there’s going to be no reaching for the source device to control playback or volume.


Finally, DOSS FreePods brings Bluetooth 5.0, deep bass, touch controls, an IPX5 water-resistance rating, and 30-hours of playback to the mix. All in an aluminum carry case. CVC noise isolation technology is a part of the mix too, so conversations should be great from these earbuds. Despite their low price of $34.99.

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