Dish Is Preparing Its Own 5G Network

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It’s clear by now that the future is 5G. It’s becoming a more ubiquitous technology each passing day. Verizon is holding a massive trade-in sale to new and existing customers to bring more people onto their 5G network. We now got word that Dish’s 5G network is on its way.

The information about Dish’s 5G network is still pretty vague

Dish is in the process of taking signups for potential customers to ride their 5G wave. This is done via a website that was spotted by Fierce Wireless. The name of the company’s 5G initiative is ‘Project Genesis’ (Stylized Project Gene5is). The accompanying text shows that Dish is looking to really bring something different with its 5G. The site reads, “A new 5G network built to release American innovation. Help us democratize wireless access and create the 5G network of the future.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but the issue is that there’s no more information on the site to elucidate. The only button on the site is the prominently displayed “Request Access” button. This summons a popup box where you enter your zip code, email address, and phone number.


Now, one can make the case that the text on the website is a bunch of bold statements to make people think that Dish’s 5G network will bring something revolutionary to the 5G game. It’s hard to say at this point because there’s no other information available to the public. This is most likely because the company is still in the very early stages of setting up its 5G network.

Dish wireless is the company’s way of offering phone service to customers. It started offering its prepaid plans to the 8.8 million Boost Mobile customers when it acquired it back in 2020. It will be interesting to know what the strategy is for Dish’s 5G network. While the company owns Boost Mobile, Boost Mobile is still operating on T-Mobile’s network

Who is leading the 5G race?

It’s a heated battle between the three main network carriers in America: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Each company wants you to think that it’s the best option for 5G, but which company is really the best? When it comes to mobile carriers, the make-or-break factors are coverage, price, and speeds. When compared side-by-side, the benefits and downfalls of each company become evident.


It looks like T-Mobile comes out on top in this race. According to CNET, T-Mobile has stronger performance in the 5G space when it comes to coverage and speed. Because of T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint last year, the company is able to utilize the extra towers. CNET also states that Sprint’s towers help with T-Mobile’s mid-band performance. If you factor in T-Mobile’s prices- they start lower than AT&T’s and Verizon’s- then it’s easy to see that T-Mobile is the leader in the 5G race.