Cloud Gaming On Xbox Game Pass Is About To Reach Its Ultimate Form

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate On Android

Microsoft has revealed more details about its cloud gaming service for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, noting that it’ll soon be getting the upgrade to the Xbox Series X hardware.

This means a whole host of improvements are on the way for gamers. And it should provide significant improvements to gameplay. The biggest changes that players will likely notice are the increased frame rates and the faster load times.

While cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass doesn’t make players deal with downloads, games still have to load. And since cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has been running on Xbox One hardware from the beginning, load times are noticeably slower than that of Microsoft’s now current-gen console, the Series X.


Cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass moves to Xbox Series X hardware soon

According to Xbox’s Head Of Cloud Gaming Kareem Choudhry, cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is going to be upgraded to the Xbox Series X hardware within the next few weeks.

So players will be getting a better overall experience with things very soon. Choudhry also says that testing is in the final stages over at Microsoft. Which means things are coming along quite nicely.

In addition to the Series X hardware upgrade though, Microsoft has other things in store for players in the cloud. Earlier this year it pushed out the closed beta of the cloud gaming service on the web. And it looks like that beta is coming to a close soon, as the web access will be leaving beta and entering public availability.


This will be hitting at the same time as the service’s Series X hardware upgrade no less. Microsoft launched the invite-only beta for Windows 10 PCs and iOS devices back in April. Making this a pretty quick turnaround.

Cloud gaming is expanding to new countries later in 2021

The cloud gaming feature for Xbox Game Pass hasn’t been available everywhere Microsoft offers Game Pass in general. The company is planning more rollouts though.

Expansions are planned for later this year in fact to Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. And the arrival may happen alongside new tiers for the Game Pass service. Microsoft didn’t confirm any new tiers for its subscription but it did tease that new options were on the way.