CD Projekt Will Keep Its Promise To Make Cyberpunk 2077 Better

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Cyberpunk 2077 improvements are still on the way, according to CD Projekt CEO Adam Kacinski. Which is excellent news for anyone that has been waiting on these improvements for Cyberpunk 2077 to drop. Assuming CD Projekt does actually keep its promise and make the game more of what players were expecting.

Cyberpunk 2077, for all its flaws and needed fixes, is a great game that is a hell of a lot of fun to play. But the title, which was anticipated to launch with much fanfare, was a big letdown for many fans. Mostly those on older Gen 1 versions of the PS4 and Xbox One. Those issues were so severe that Sony pulled the digital copy from its PlayStation Store and has yet to relist the game.

You can still find physical copies of it for the PlayStation consoles though. However now that the game has been out for almost six months, there are still a lot of things that need to be done to bring the game up to the level that was promised by the studio. And Kacinski says that it will keep that promise.


Cyberpunk 2077 will become the game that was promised with new improvements

Since the game’s release in December of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 has received a handful of updates. Some bigger than others. But Cyberpunk’s best days are apparently ahead of it.

Kacinski says that CD Projekt is committed to making Cyberpunk 2077 a full game. And that the studio will live up to the promise that gamers received in January. Back at the beginning of this year, CD Projekt laid out a timeline of updates for the game. Some of which were the fixes that have already been applied.

Still to come though are things like the promised DLC content updates. Which are supposed to add new gameplay content. Players are still waiting on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S upgrades as well. Although Kacinski doesn’t mention any of these things specifically, he does note that a large part (“nearly half”) of the studio’s team is still working on the game.


The main focus: ensuring that Cyberpunk 2077 “provides even better entertainment to gamers.” Even though that statement is vague, the message seems clear. CD Projekt is not entirely happy with the state of the game right now.